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Medical staffing services

Medmetry provides a range of medical staffing services to our clients. Our staff are talented, experienced, and certified in their specialty.

Leverage our specialized experience and provide your team with expertise they can rely on. Our detailed candidate search ensures that you have the right staff to fill your needs, and our rigorous quality standards ensure that our staff are always prepared from a compliance perspective. By sharing our past experience and best practices, our staff are ready to help you navigate every challenge.

The following are some of the services we can provide:

Physician staffing

Our physician resources are highly qualified and ready to support your organization.

Nurse staffing

We work with a variety of RN staff across a number specialties

Specialized healthcare staffing

We provide specalized healthcare staff depending on client needs

Respiratory therapy staffing

Our experienced RRT and CRT resources are ready to fight the Covid-19 pandemic

System Build Customization

System build, template development, configuration, and customization.

EHR Customization

Template development, configuration, and customization.

Custom solutions

Creating custom applications, websites, and integrations to help meet clients’ specific needs.

Data conversion

Transitioning between EMRs can be a challenge. We help clean, export, and import data between systems to help smooth the transition.

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Medmetry provides a range of staffing services to our clients. Our staff are ready and available to support your organization's needs.

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